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Infamous now comes in a new shade of babe.



Amie, Sydney
I was really excited about this product after seeing it advertised, I couldn't find any reviews so I thought I might as well try it. And I am sad to say I am very disappointed :( as per following the directions to the letter leaving it in for 30 mins (the longest recommended time) and washed it out there was NO colour to be seen in my hair at all no lovely purple colour that I was expecting. I have very light blonde hair so I was expecting it to work but it has not. $20 I felt was wasted as I had no result.
Manet, Paddington, Sydney Australia
Hi! I was really excited to try this new product. I have recently bleached my hair an Ice blonde, so it is very bleached obviously. I wanted to go a nice pastel purple. I am sad to say that my expectations were not met with this product. I feel to be fair, you should market this as a TONER. not a PURPLE HAIR DYE. I followed your instructions and even left it on for longer just to be sure. I have a slight purple tinge to a mostly grey result. As a toner it would have impressed me, but as a 'purple', I will not repurchase.

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A mane that blushes at the beards that pass by.

What a minx.




Elaine, Sydney
Just as the bottle said, it definitely comes out more obviously when your hair is very light blonde or pre-lightened hair~ I absolutely adore my current fairy candy happiness!! The pink is almost exactly how it is out of the tube and really just adorable!! I left it in my hair for at least 1 and a half hours and I'm pleasantly surprised how nice it smells compared to other brands out there. I'm definitely coming back for more!
Alley, North lakes Qld Australia
I too decided to try something different after having so many "normal" colours in my hair, and I have to say this I the best shade of pastel pink on the market. Its a must try product, you wont reject it or look back.
Elisha , Melbourne
Recently decided to go a pastel pink colour after doing the whole blonde to brown and back to blonde for many years. I tried a few brands before using this colour by Dare and it is by far my favorite! Absolutely in love with it :)

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If they’re going to call you an ice queen you may as well live up to the





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Purple is the official colour of the dolphin.

Lying is the official code of unicorns.



Astrid, Whittlesea
Absolutely the best purple I have found and fades beautifully too, not seaweed green. Saves me buying overseas colors now, THANK YOU :-)
Amie, Melbourne
Did it last week, I loved the bright vibrant colour. It has faded to a mauve with blue where my natural hair colours was lighter. I'm off to the shops to but some more.
Alana, sunshine coast qld australia
Perfection! The most gorgeous silvery purple! I dyed right over the top of my very dark brown hair and it still looked stunning! I'll definitely keep using this one! ^.^
Liela, wallan, Victoria
Had this colour done today just amazing so vibrant

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No time to waste.

Look as good as you taste.



Onyx, fitzgibbon, Qld
I put this through an Asian friends pre lightened hair, and I have to say, this shade of fairy floss not only looks good enough to eat but a pink even Barbie herself would be jealous of. Deliciously Pretty <3
I used this and it works great in my strawberry blonde hair so vibrant and doesn't get on my clothes like chalk dye does. I love it 5/5

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Hair that comes from the same place as blue-eyed, beautiful, wellmannered





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Who needs manners when your mane looks like this.



Steph, Brisbane
Fantastic, bright hair colour - I get so many compliments from random people when out and about! Catches well to my fine, sometimes misbehaving hair type.

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Not quite pink, not quite plum.

Let’s call it plink. Or pum. Or plunk. Or oh look, a mermaid.




Victoria , Perth
I have just coloured my hair with this and it's fantastic! The colour is so vibrant!
Elizabeth , Collingwood
I love it ! Dare Raspberry Sherbet Made my hair look amazing such a nice Color and it lasts ages
Peta, Sydney
My hairdresser has used this colour on pre lightened hair as well as applying it straight over a permanent red, it lasts well and the colour itself is absolutely amazing.
Morgan, Sydney
The colour is so vibrant and easy to apply! Was so afraid it wouldn't turn out in my darker blonde hair, but worked so well and looks gorgeous! Definitely using again!
Sarah, Sydney
By far the best bright hair colour I've ever used. I've been colouring my hair since I was 14 all different colours and I have finally found the perfect formula. My hair was a bright blonde/copper after pre-lightening and I put the raspberry sorbet directly over the top and now my hair is like a hot pink/magenta. It's absolutely perfect!!!
Mandii, Sydney
Love this colour, it's really bright! Like the packets says it's not plum and not pink, it's literally so perfect! I will continue to buy this colour, I even bought #3 for my next colour! Love and recommend!

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You know what they say about a lady in red...

Well no, cause you’re no lady and you don’t care.

Neither do they, they just see red.



Ally Marie , Australia
Honestly the best hair colour iv ever used for red, it went a beautiful ariel red and I loved it, it faded amazing and didn't go orange! Defiantly beats any hair colour iv ever used
Leanne, NSW
I love it on my pre lightened hair - it left it feeling so soft and silky. I went into to buy a different brand & was recommended to try DARE. I used it on clean dry hair & left it on almost an hour. SENSATIONAL results!!! I even let my 7yr old daughter use it on her dark hair which she loved. It made her feel special being able to 'colour' her hair. Cannot wait to experiment with some of the other colours!!!
BUY NO. 11

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Be your own tropical island. Accessorise with a pool noodle.


BUY NO. 13

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Mermaids always look lovely.  But they're terrible at tap-dancing.



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Pink today, grape tomorrow. A pastel bang, a colour orgy.

Because you’re as indecisive as you are distracted.


Combine with any other DARE colour for a result not even we know about.


HOLLA, babe.

Sweet mane, how about we wreak some colourful havoc on it? You heard us.

Neon sherbert. Blue moon. Flamingo feather. Devil’s delight.

Practically unicorn poo. !BAM!

Colour that’s here for a good time, not a long time.

Comb in, rinse out. 3-18 washes, depending on your blondness, or darkness, or redness, whatever.

Be red. Be pink. Be purple. Be blue. Be a new, bangin’ colourful you.

Have a one-night stand. We DARE you. xx

Oh, and don’t forget to tell the world that you don’t care:

@dare_dont_care #DAREdontCARE

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